ImprovEd Arts

Based in Austin, TX, ImprovEd Arts emboldens kids of all ages, encouraging the development of life skills through an unconventional and wildly fun approach to the creative arts.


We have two projects underway:

1) ImprovEd Shakespeare, Shakespeare for Kids by Kids – producing unique adaptations of Shakespeare’s works which are a mix of modern narration and the original verse. Youth casts focus on the stories within the plays. Offerings include scripts available for licensing, production classes, performances for the public and summer camps.

2) Girl Improved – empowering adolescent girls to write, produce and direct new and inclusive works. These works are created intentionally with a minimum 50% female (or gender non-conforming) cast and crew. Additionally, character motivation is not centered around romance. We offer a Girl Improved web series, creative skill-building workshops, and the Girl Improved Film and Theatre Festival (GIFT Fest).